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Crown Courts can be seen as truth-finding engines. They allow and discriminate certain methods of probing the truth-claims in front of judge and jury. Crucial for the Crown Court procedure is the relation of prior/translocal statements and local/current performances. Or, to put it forward as a research question: in how far are former contributions binding for the examinations of the trials ?

Generally truth-finding in jury trials is characterised in terms of embodied orality and performance. Witnesses are examined in question-answer plays vis-a-vis the listening jury. This view, however, does not include the manifold references towards the textual basis collected and selected during the pre-trial. Of highly relevant is, for instance, the recorded police-protocol.

This is one of my findings in regard to the jury trials in the Crown Court. Truth-finding takes place in between local/embodied orality and the translocal/procedural "scriptual economy" (de Certeau). Orality and textuality are variously intertwined and practically assembled. The textual basis co-produces utterances in friendly examinations as well as their probing in cross-examination. The witness is, by way of scripts and contrasts, indirectly bound to what he/she said prior during the pre-trial. The witnesses - including defendant and alleged victim - are bound to its procedural history.

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