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Workshops and Conferences by the project

21-22.5.10 Workshop "Ethnologische vs. soziologische Ethnographie" an dem IfEE der HU Berlin (with Christian Meyer, Uni Bielefeld)
5-8.10.08 Part of Local Organising Committee for the 1st German speaking Law & Society Conference "Wie wirkt Recht" in Luzern (Switzerland)

"Profession, Habitus, and Change" Workshop with DGS-Sociology of Professions at the HU Berlin


Part of Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the International Conference “Law and Society in the 21th Century”, LSA Annual Meeting, Berlin & Panels on "law as epistemic culture" and "legal argumentation" at the HU Berlin


“Case Making. Criminal Defense Work between Facts, Norms and Tactics” at the FU Berlin


“Event and Process in Organized Discourse“ with Sfb 447, FU Berlin


“Performanz des Rechts: Inszenierung und Materialität” with the Graduate College "Bodily Performances", FU Berlin.




New activities

Special Issue on "Law and Biography" in BIOS

Call for Abstracts/French-German Conference on “Enfermement/Freiheitsentzug

Latest Texts/Books

My ethnography on the English Crown Court procedure by BRILL

Our comparative ethnography of criminal defence work in different procedural regimes by PALGRAVE

Teaching in SS 2011

Scheffer: „Einführung in die Institutionelle Ethnographie“ Kurs in Moodle

Scheffer: „Was tun Verfahren? Eine sozialwissenschaftliche Debatte“ Kurs in Moodle

Scheffer: „Arbeitskreis politische Ethnographie“ Termine in Moodle

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